Hello world, I'm Carl Heavisides

I'm a professional programmer and I work with many languages including C#, JS and HTML/CSS.

A little about me


I have a foundation degree in e-commerce technologies. Together with a tutor and a group of students, we wanted to put together a course that took advantage of Cisco and Microsoft courses, we formed the outline of this course and it was accepted by the FDE. Unfortunately this course did not include the final exams for the Cisco CCNA and Microsoft MCP so I had to get my MCP seperately.


In 2005 I started and ran a software/web development company for 5 years, which was subsequently sold to the company I am currently working for. I worked on websites for companies such as The FA Premier League, the MoD, United airlines and Glaxo Smith Klein. The main product that we created was called EkinaWireless. It is a field service application for any company that has staff out in the field. The product comprised of a windows service and website on the server and a client app for PDAs/smartphones.


Although I mainly work on database driven web applications, I have always enjoyed making little games, ever since I started programming with Turbo Pascal and assembly. More recently I have just released an App on windows phone called 'sandicle' which, in its first 2 months of being released has gained over 200 5/5 star ratings and 13,000 downloads.

Download Sandicle

What I Do


Web Applications

I have been making web applications professionally for many years, including designing and building an enterprise level CMS from scratch. The CMS can handle multiple websites from one central admin and sites are edited "in-place" which means you edit your website in a layout similar to how it would ultimately look. It also has features such as a built in database designer, check in/out web pages and even and editable sign off process.


General Programming

I mainly work in C# on asp.net websites, but sometimes I can work on MVC sites as well. I have also worked on windows applications and services. I have worked on windows mobile 6 applications and I also have a windows phone 7+ app on the app store (which is free to download). I also script in JavaScript using libraries such as jQuery and Bootstrap. Although I have worked in the past on databases such as MySQL and Oracle Databases, I much prefer to work with MsSQL.


For mobile development I generally prefer writing apps for windows phone 7+. I use the C# language along with XAML and sometimes XNA. I can also produce apps for windows 8+ on PC and tablets.

Contact Me


I can be contacted on twitter via @wacka or can be found on IRC's efnet usually in the channel #xna using the nick wacka. You could also leave a comment below.


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